Spray Truck Bedliners Equiment and Material

     Spray Bed liner Equipment and Materials

Spray-On Truck Bedliner Equipment and Materials

The FastKick Gun is the cleanest, easiest way available to apply Spray in Truck Bed Liners as it requires no complicated machinery, just an Air Compressor.


FastKick Gun/proportioner


Case of MaxlinerAR material


Case of MaxlinerAL material


Bedliner Equipment - Spray Gun

FastKick Plural-Component Spray Gun

The FastKick is a Plural Component 1-1 Ration Combination Spray Gun/ Proportioner designed to spray the Spray Maxliners series of Fast Cure Products. This easy to use piece of Equipment applies the same products equipment that costs over $20,000.00 Does. CURES IN 2 MINUTES!!

Bedliner Materials - Polyurea Cartridge

Bedliner Materials - Polyurea Cartridge

MaxLiner Polyurea urethane comes in factory filled disposable cartridges, use them then throw them away and insert a new one.
Simply slip in a Color catridge and you are spraying that color, no hand mixing, no mess. This material adds durability and style to your Truck bed.
Maxliner AR Polyurea truck bed liner (Black)
Maxliner AL Polyurea truck bed liner(Color)
MaxLiner AR Truck Bed Liner material comes in standard Black. Maxliner AL Truck bed Liner material comes in 7 factory preblended colors:
-Dark Gray  

Watch the Fastkick Spray Truck Bed liner system in action!

Advantages of the Fast Cure Spray Truck bedliner and fastkick equipment



Bed Liners Prevent Rust
Spray Truck Bedliners prevent rust while adding value to your vehicle.